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Two of the earliest images shot with a Rolleicord on 2.25x2.25 Tri-X filmTwo of the earliest images shot with a Rolleicord on 2.25x2.25 Tri-X film


About Joel McDonald


    Joel's photographic experience dates back to the early 1970's. Influenced by Classic Hollywood Glamour images & Playboy magazine as well as photographers like Peter Gowland and David Hamilton he gravitated toward shooting women as early as 1973 at age 17, using 2.25x2.25 B/W film and a hand-me-down Rolleicord twin-lens reflex camera, then later a Leica M3 rangefinder.

    In the U.S. Navy during the mid-1970's Joel was introduced to color film and transparencies (slide film) working with various camera types and film formats (35mm, 2.25x2.25 & 4x5). He's only recently fully embraced digital cameras in 2008 when film became difficult to buy and process. But film is still my passion. His serving in the US Navy allowed him to expand his subject matter to include action, sports, travel and photojournalism.

    He has worked with photography both directly and indirectly. Directly as a photographer working with various genres and also using his photography expertise to enhance his work in advertising, marketing and publishing.

    Joel primarily shoots Fashion, Glamour Nudes, mild Erotic Glamour, but he's also adept at Pin Up and a variety of other genres including Sports, Travel and to a lesser degree now, Photojournalism. His journalistic approach, use of more non-traditional Glamour models, working with classic poses and having the model looking directly into the lens, as if at the viewer, tends to set his style apart from others.

     In photographing women Joel's goal is to capture their many subtle nuanced moods and and Looks. His style is more Minimalist in nature so as to put a greater emphasis on the Model herself, instead of elaborate sets or vague themes that the model is often just a part of.

His images are an attempt to capture what he considers to be the true essence of each woman he works with. He always makes a strong effort of not portraying women as exploited or subjugated.

     He goes to great lengths to showcase a model's sensual beauty, her sexual strengths and those special qualities that make each woman truly unique. Plus, his knowledge of design, composition and esthetics allows him to catch the essence of the moment, even in studio settings.

    When shooting other subjects his ability to "see things in ways others don't" often proves highly effective in capturing a moment or subject in unique ways. Besides photography his professional training and experience includes Journalism, Graphic Design, Publishing, Print Media Marketing, Web Design and Advertising.